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Peppers N'at BOMBER!

Made with premium, authentic Italian meats!

Portogallo Peppers N'at Giardiniera

Picked and Packed in Pennsylvania

Made with fresh vegetables, never frozen.
Special herbs and spices make our Hot and Spicy Giardinieras the best around. 
All natural ingredients with no preservatives, MSG and gluten-free.
Take a few jars home with you, or grab some online!

-Available in SPICY and HOT-ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC ingredients-Picked and Packed in Pennsylvania-Product of Pittsburgh, PA

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Made in Pennsylvania

Picked and Packed in Pennsylvania!  No, Bob Portogallo doesn't pick the peppers personally but it makes a good story playing on the letter "P" :-)


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We are part of the local community, so you understand how important it is to keep the variety of the Pittsburgh food scene moving forward. We're doing that, too!